The SPIRAL Foundation’s mission is to conduct research and provide professional and community education about sensory integration and sensory processing. By making a tax deductible donation to SPIRAL your support and generosity will help us continue this mission. We welcome donations of all sizes and you may make a general donation or direct your money to one of our current identified areas of need.

General Fund: Let us choose where your donation can be best used.


Professional Education: Help us provide online courses which are free to all or facilitate access to online courses for professionals in Title I schools.


Parent and Adult Resources: Help us expand our free Parent and Adult Toolboxes to cover additional topics of interest and languages.


Research: Help us to conduct and disseminate results of our research.


Some recent examples of activities generously supported by your donations:

Professional Education: Reduced cost group and individual memberships provided to several Title I school systems.


Parent and Adult Resources: Recent additions include The Sensory Friendly Classroom and Sensory Friendly Clothing Lists.


Research:Exploring the Prognosis: A Longitudinal Follow-Up Study of Children with Sensory Processing Challenges 8–32 Years Later: Open access article published Aug, 2023


The Spiral Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and as such your donation is tax deductible.