SPIRAL Foundation

To increase understanding and acceptance of sensory integration and sensory processing dysfunction through education and research

SPIRAL Foundation offers a wide variety of educational programs and materials, including:

Full courses, live and on-line, on a variety of introductory to advanced topics.
Presentations on a variety of intermediate topics for parents and professionals.
Free resources for adults and caregivers of children with SPD.
Audio only podcasts on a variety of introductory topics for professionals.
Resources and research studies on topics informing knowledge of SPD.


SPIRAL Foundation serves national and international audiences by providing resources for therapists and other professionals who work with individuals with sensory processing difficulties, as well as adults and children living with sensory dysfunction and their families.

By conducting and disseminating current research and providing educational programs in a variety of on and offline formats we strive to improve the lives and well-being of individuals with difficulties processing and integrating sensory information across the globe.

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Access over 170 pre-recorded webinars, LiveTalks and self-study articles included and 20% discount on online courses, for a full year.  Join here: SPIRAL Individual Membership $149/year

LiveTalk: Mentoring in The Art of Therapy: Navigating the path to independence: Decisions about when to discontinue intervention with Stacey Szklut, OT, MSOT, OTR. Jan 25, 2024, 7 – 8pm EST (recording available by Jan 29). Included in SPIRAL memberships. Non-members register here: $25

Adult/Adolescent Sensory History


Based on the conceptual model of sensory processing and sensory integration proposed by A. Jean Ayres, this measure is designed to identify difficulties in five key areas of functioning: Sensory Discrimination, Sensory Modulation, Postural-Ocular Skills, Praxis, and Social-Emotional Functioning.

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