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A Series of 5 Conversations with leading experts moderated by Robyn Carreras, MS, OTR/L 

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Join us for the SPIRAL Foundation’s 2024 LiveTalk Series, where we explore the fascinating journey of sensory integration across the lifespan. Moderated by Robyn Carreras, this series will feature insights from SPIRAL faculty and esteemed guest speakers. Through engaging case studies, we’ll delve into the unique sensory experiences and support needs faced by individuals at different stages of life. Gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies for supporting sensory integration from early childhood to old age.

Series Overview:

  1. Early Childhood (Ages 0-5):
    • Exploration of sensory development milestones in infancy and early childhood.
    • Case study & discussion on intervention strategies for supporting sensory integration in young children and exploring the role of caregivers in promoting development.
  1. Elementary School Years (Ages 6-12):
    • Examination of sensory processing variations among elementary school children.
    • Case study & discussion on intervention strategies for supporting sensory development in school aged children and exploring the role of educators in promoting sensory-friendly practices.
  1. Teenage Years (Ages 13-19):
    • Exploration of sensory identity and self-awareness during adolescence.
    • Case study & discussion on intervention strategies and empowering teens to advocate for their sensory needs and preferences.
  1. Adulthood (Ages 20+):
    • Examination of sensory integration practices for adults in various life contexts.
    • Case study & discussion on the importance of self-care and sensory self-regulation techniques for adults.
  1. Old Age (Ages 65+):
    • Exploration of sensory changes experienced by older adults.
    • Case study & discussion on promoting sensory engagement and quality of life in old age.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this series, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the foundational principles of sensory integration across different stages of the lifespan.
  2. Identify common sensory processing challenges and variations experienced by individuals from early childhood to old age.
  3. Define effective strategies and interventions for supporting sensory integration in diverse populations across the lifespan.

Audience: OT, PT, SLP, OTA, PTA, Educators, Parent

Course Level: Introductory. There are no prerequisites for this series.

AOTA Areas: Occupational Therapy Service Delivery: Evaluation, Intervention and Outcomes. Foundational Knowledge: Human Body, Development, and Behavior.

Contact Hours: The entire Live Talk series is worth 5 contact hours or 0.5 AOTA CEUs. Individual Live Talks are each worth 1 contact hour or 0.1 AOTA CEUs.

Completion Requirements: To earn contact hours or AOTA CEUs for each Live Talk, participants must attend or view the online session in its entirety (accessible via a Zoom link), and successfully complete the accompanying quiz.

About the Speakers:

Robyn Carreras, MS, OTR/L (Moderator):

Robyn Carreras is a seasoned occupational therapist with over 15 years of experience specializing in sensory integration therapy. As the moderator for the SPIRAL Foundation’s 2024 Live Talk Series, Robyn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in facilitating discussions on sensory integration. Her passion for advocacy and education in the field of occupational therapy makes her an invaluable asset to this series.

SPIRAL Faculty:

Our esteemed SPIRAL faculty members are highly experienced professionals in the field of sensory integration, each possessing extensive expertise and serving as mentors to many. They bring a wealth of practical knowledge and a deep commitment to advancing the understanding and practice of sensory integration across diverse populations. Their collective experience and dedication make them invaluable contributors to the Live Talk Series, enriching discussions with insights garnered from years of clinical practice, research, and teaching.

Guest Speakers:

Throughout the series, we are honored to host guest speakers who are renowned experts in their respective practice areas. These distinguished professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience in sensory integration across the lifespan, enriching our discussions with valuable insights and practical wisdom. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise promise to provide a comprehensive exploration of sensory integration from multiple perspectives.

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