Here you'll find the Spiral Foundation's collection of downloadable resources, from introductory videos for the home to professional packets for the clinic. Select one of the buttons below to learn more about individual offerings.

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Activity demonstrations, educational videos, and more.
Sensory Integration Activities for Parents and Therapists
This video with Dr. Teresa May-Benson demonstrates a variety of treatment activities for parents and therapists for over ten pieces of primarily non-suspended and easy to use or make equipment.

This video will provide ideas for promoting self-regulation and praxis in children, adolescents, and adults with sensory processing disorders.

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When Our Senses Don't Make Sense
This video serves as a wonderful introduction to the world of sensory integration and Sensory Processing Disorder. It features a number of short interviews with therapists, parents, and child and adult clients who share their stories about living and working with SPD.
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Video Lecture Series
Video Lectures are one hour lectures on a variety of topics related to sensory integration and sensory processing disorders. Though tailored to parents, these lectures are equally popular with and valuable to professionals.
Speech and Sensory: Working Together
with Lori Goodrich, OTR/L and Julie Sella, MS-CCC-SLP

A one hour overview of how sensory integration relates to speech and language development that provides that some practical strategies for using sensory integration-based approaches to facilitate communication.
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Music, SI, and Learning: The Power of Listening Programs
with Melanie Salort, OTR/L

A one hour overview on listening programs, how they work, and their treatment applications.
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Yikes, Bikes!: Bike Riding Made Easy
with Chuck Clark, COTA/L

A one hour overview of the sensory, motor, and postural skills need for bike riding that also provides practical strategies for teaching children how to ride a bike.
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Deep Touch Pressure: Benefits and Techniques
with Brian Mullen, Ph.D., and Teresa May-Benson, ScD, OTR/L, FAOTA

A one hour overview of deep touch pressure and its benefits to self-regulation and behavior.
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Power of Swimming
with Ailene Tisser, MA, PT and Cindy Freeman, MOTR, CTRS

A one hours overview of pool activities that help promote self regulation, attention, and modulation.
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These podcasts and webinars cover a variety of topics tailored to parents of children with sensory processing issues.
ParentSpeak Webinar Series
Facilitating Executive Functioning Skills in Children with Autism
with Sarah Friel, MA, CCC-SLP

‘Facilitating Executive Functioning Skills in Children with Autism,’ will address areas of executive functioning frequently affected in children with autism. Participants will learn about potential problems in this area, as well as strategies that can be used at home and at school to promote functioning and success.
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Facilitating Sensory Integration and Language in Autism
with Sarah Friel, MA, CCC-SLP

'Facilitating Sensory Integration and Language in Autism,' will address the relationship between sensory processing and language development. As many parents and therapists know, when you move you can speak; the provision of sensory inputs can promote language production. This presentation will provide fun, movement-based interventions, designed for use by parents, teachers, and therapists in the home and at school, to help promote language functioning.
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Facilitating Social Skills in Autism
with Sarah Friel, MA, CCC-SLP

'Facilitating Social Skills in Autism, will address the development of social skills and thinking in children with autism. Specific intervention strategies for promoting these skills, designed for parents, teachers, and therapists to use at home and in the school, will also be provided.
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Improving Social Interaction and Play Skills in Children with Autism
with Sarah Friel, MA, CCC-SLP

'Improving Social Interaction and Play Skills in Children with Autism,' will address important elements needed for the development of play skills. Strategies to promote social interaction in children with autism will provided and the relationship of social interaction to play skills will be discussed. Specific intervention strategies, designed for parents, teachers, and therapists to use at home and in the school, to to facilitate development of these skills will also be provided.
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ParentSpeak Webinar Series

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2012 Parent Podcast Series
Managing Your Child's Sensory Behavior
with Teresa May-Benson, ScD, OTR/L, FAOTA
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Navigating Family Events
with Teresa May-Benson, ScD, OTR/L, FAOTA
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Promoting Eating in the Picky Eater
with Lori Goodrich, OTR/L
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Troubling Tags and Socks
with Sarah Sawyer, MS, OTR/L
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2012 Parent Podcast Bundle
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Checklists, forms, and manuals developed by the Spiral Foundation's sister organization OTA the Koomar Center, for healthcare professionals new to sensory integration or veterans looking to streamline paperwork.

Sensory Integration Equipment Manual

Developed by the expert therapists at OTA the Koomar Center, this booklet contains specific instructions concerning the construction of equipment for sensory integration treatment.

WARNING: Before attempting construction of suspended equipment, it is essential to determine if the building structure in the room where the equipment will be used will support the weight and torque that occurs with swinging equipment. It is important that the suspension system be installed properly and safely; therefor a trained professional, such as a structural engineer, should be contracted to inspect the ceilings to ensure that the support beams can support the attachment and intended use of the equipment.

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Accommodation Checklists

Collected checklists of ways to assist and care for those with sensory difficulties. Perfect for occupational therapists, health care professionals, educators, parents, and caregivers.

Included checklists describe accommodations for:
- Toddlers
- Children with autism
- Children with nonverbal learning disabilities
- Children with impaired writing skills
- Sensory defensive adults and adolescents
- The home
- The classroom
- Preschool classrooms

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Client Intake Package

In addition to a full clinical intake form, these collected intake forms cover a range of activities and interventions including:
- Listening
- Oral Motor
- Handwriting
- Visual/Vestibular
- Speech and Language
- Bike Riding

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Screening Checklists

Collected checklists for healthcare professionals used to determine if occupational therapy or sensory integration intervention is appropriate for:
- Children 0 - 3 years of age
- Preschoolers 3 - 5 years of age
- School age children 5 - 12 years of age
- Adolescents and adults 13+ years of age

Package also includes 'How Do I Know?' forms for parents and potential clients to complete.

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