Speaker's Bureau
The Spiral Foundation offers educational workshops to schools, professional offices, clinics, parent organizations and other community groups. Topics include, but are not limited to:
  1. Sensory Processing Overview
  2. Speech and Language Development
  3. Sensory Integration and Oral Motor Difficulties
  4. Organization and Activity Transitions
  5. Sensory Integration and Autism
  6. Strategies to Support Executive Function
  7. Trauma, Attachment, and Sensory Processing Disorder
  8. Working with Adults with Sensory Processing Disorder
  9. Evidence-Based Practice of Sensory Integration
  10. Understanding Sound Therapy Programs
Prices range based on presentation and travel time required by our speakers. Typical one to two hour in-services start at $200 an hour, plus travel time. If you are interested in having the Spiral Foundation do a workshop for your clinic or school please contact courses@thespiralfoundation.org with the following information:

Contact's name, email address, and phone number
Topic(s) of interest
Desired dates and times
Host group
Audience (teachers, parents, occupational therapists, physical therapists, etc.)
Anticipated number of attendees