The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History
The culmination of years of research and work, the Adult/Adolescent Sensory History, is designed as a self-report assessment of sensory and motor behaviors commonly observed in individuals with difficulties processing and integrating sensory information. The purpose of this assessment is to help identify adults and adolescents ages 13 to 95 who experience problems in sensory processing and integration as well as assist therapists in clinical reasoning when creating interventions for these individuals. Based on the conceptual model of sensory processing and sensory integration proposed by A. Jean Ayres, this measure is designed to identify difficulties in five key areas of functioning: Sensory Discrimination, Sensory Modulation, Postural-Ocular Skills, Praxis, and Social-Emotional Functioning.

The complete Adult/Adolescent Sensory History demonstrates the following features:
  1. A comprehensive standardized self-report questionnaire.
  2. An alternative caregiver questionnaire for parents or other caregivers of adolescents or individuals with disabilities.
  3. An abridged and simplified self-report supplement to the caregiver questionnaire for younger adolescents or individuals with disabilities who may not be able to complete the comprehensive self-report questionnaire.
  4. A supplemental medical and developmental history form.
  5. A comprehensive, standardized research-based scoring program for use with the comprehensive self-report questionnaire or caregiver questionnaire.
  6. Numerous standardized subscores to assist with identifying discrete patterns of dysfunction in processing and integrating sensory information, which allows for clinical utility in treatment planning.
The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History consists of six components:
  1. User's Manual
  2. Self-Report Questionnaire
  3. Caregiver Questionnaire
  4. Abridged Self-Report Supplement
  5. Medical History Supplement
  6. Adult/Adolescent Sensory History Scoring Program©
The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History User's Manual is a comprehensive manual detailing the use, administration and interpretation of the Adult/Adolescent Sensory History. It includes instructions for use of the Adult/Adolescent Sensory History Scoring Program© as well as case studies to aide in interpretation.

The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History - Self-Report Questionnaire is the primary questionnaire for the measure. It is designed to be completed by the adult or adolescent themselves either independently or with assistance. Standard scores may be obtained for this part of the measure.

The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History - Caregiver Questionnaire was designed as an alternative for the Self-Report Questionnaire. It is designed to be completed by a parent, guardian or other caregiver of an adolescent or adult who is not able to complete the Self-Report Questionnaire themselves. This form is nearly identical to the Self-Report Questionnaire but is worded for the caregiver responses. Standard scores may be obtained for this part of the measure.

The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History - Abridged Self-Report Supplement was designed to complement the Caregiver Questionnaire. The Self-Report Supplement consists of 63 items from the comprehensive Adult/Adolescent Sensory History - Self Report Questionnaire. The specific items were chosen based on statistical analyses from several stages of research on the Adult/Adolescent Sensory History and are worded at the 4th grade reading level with simplified responses. At this time standard scores may not be obtained for this part of the measure.

The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History - Medical History Supplement was designed to obtain important background, medical and developmental information needed for a comprehensive sensory integration-based assessment. It includes information that may be of interest to a variety of professions such as birth and developmental history, medical information and the individual's areas of concern. Information obtained may be used to assist with treatment planning and clinical reasoning but is not entered into standardized testing.

The Adult/Adolescent Sensory History - Scoring Program© was designed to score the Self-Report Questionnaire and Caregiver Questionnaire. The test administrator enters demographic information as well as the question responses into the program. A one-page report form suitable to give to clients and for storage in client records is generated automatically. The report provides standard scores for all test subscores as well as score interpretations.
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Adult/Adolescent Sensory History Starter Pack
Includes User's ManualScoring Program (PC-Microsoft Excel 2010), 5 Self-Report Questionnaires, 5 Caregiver Questionnaires, 5 Self-Report Supplements, 10 Medical History Supplements.
Price: $149.00

User's Manual only
Price: $85.00

Scoring Program only
PC and Microsoft 2010 or higher required. Includes a standard license for installation on two machines.
Price: $35.00

Self-Report Questionnaire, 25-Pack only
Price: $49.00

Caregiver Questionnaire, 25-Pack only
Price: $49.00

Self-Report Supplement, 25-Pack only
Price: $39.00

Medical History Supplement, 25-Pack only
Price: $39.00

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